Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath

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Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath

Daniel is Associate Professor at the ITU, Copenhagen, and member of the Center for Computer Games Research (game.itu.dk) and the Pervasive Interaction Technology Lab (PitLab). Daniel writes, composes, codes, builds, performs and plays. He is interested in artistic, analytic, explorative, critical and subversive approaches to and practices of play, focusing on interaction in context, the (technically mediated) interation between people, and the interaction between people and (technical) systems. He runs the University’s monthly workshop series which is about electronics, mechanics, alchemy, interface devices and dangerous things. In his own practice, he makes interactive works which are shown at art exhibitions, academic conferences and popular events. (More info at www.dace.de)


  • Experimental Interaction
  • Play Design
  • Programming for Designers
  • User Experience and Prototyping

Past Supervision Theses Topics

  • Dynamic difficulty adjustment in digital games
  • Social mechanics in single player games
  • An aesthetic for exergames
  • Player retention mechanics in mobile free-to-play games
  • Mod art
  • Children’s nonsense literature and digital games adaption
  • Alternative playtest methods
  • Makerspaces as learning environments in schools
  • Horror games: What is more scary? VR vs. screen
  • Play to encourage creative thinking in adults
  • Boring games
  • Play as aesthetic experience
  • AR board games

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