PITLab Aquarium

The PITLab Aquarium is a small in-lab water tank, currently equipped with the following sensors:

– pH
– DO (Dissolved Oxygen)
– Conductivity
– Reduction Potential
– Temperature

(all sensors by Atlas Scientific, http://atlas-scientific.com/ )

The aquarium is used in various research and education activities.

Research questions include:

– Bridging the gap between low­ cost “Maker”-type sensing
technology (Arduino, etc) and the scientific community

– Towards real­time networked sensing, data portals
instead of “once per month”, “sent to lab” data

– Creating scalable sensor sets for environmental and
climate sciences, especially for continents/regions that are likely to
be impacted heavily by climate change

Data output:


Identical systems are installed in Aquaculture Research ponds at the Asian Institute of Technology, http://www.ait.asia

Data from Thailand: