Grove kits

Grove is a modular electronics platform for engineers designers and artists to turn their ideas into reality.

It s equally great for teaching as for rapid prototyping in research.

We have a couple of kits at the lab, and additional sensors / elements:

2 x Grove – 433MHz Simple RF link kit (WLS01052O)
1 x Grove – Air quality sensor (SEN01111P)
1 x Grove – Chest Strap Heart Rate Sensor (MED03211P)
1 x Grove – Dust Sensor (SEN12291P)
2 x Grove – Moisture Sensor (SEN92355P)
1 x Grove – Loudness Sensor (SEN02281P)
1 x Grove – Serial Camera (SEN91224P)
1 x Grove – Sound Recorder (SEN71254P)
1 x Grove – Sound Sensor (SEN12945P)
1 x Grove – Water Sensor (SEN11304P)