Eye Tracking and Gaze Interaction

The Gaze Group is primarily focused on eye tracking, gaze interaction and the use of gaze for usability studies. We aim to establish accessible alternatives for gaze tracking systems to raise awareness about this technology and bring it to the mainstream. Our group is a member of the Communication by Gaze Interaction Association (COGAIN), an European Network of Excellence that aims to help disabled people communicate by developing novel means of computer interaction.

We intend to increase the mobility of such systems with the intention of increasing the quality of life for those with severe motor impairments. Other aspects of our research aim at developing computer interfaces that allow for alternative means or accessing popular contemporary computer activities such as communication, online entertainment and social interaction. Current commercial solutions are prohibitively expensive and there is a need for low-cost alternatives. Part of our research is dedicated to the development low-cost eye tracking systems that make use of consumer products such as web cameras. Our intention is to develop an accessible and open solution for gaze interaction to increase the usage of this technology.

Our research includes analysis, usability and development of algorithms for

Video-based eye tracking and gaze estimation
User interfaces that are robust, efficient and easy to learn
Mobility and gaze control of vehicles (such as wheelchairs)