Shahram Jalaliniya

I am a PhD fellow at IT University of Copenhagen under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Pederson. I obtained my Information Systems degree (M.Sc.) in 2011 at Lund University and my Software and Technology degree (M.Sc.) in 2013 at IT University of Copenhagen. I also hold my BSC in industrial engineering from Sharif University of Technology in Iran. I have been working in industry on system architecture and healthcare systems. My current research area is HCI & wearable computing.

Current Research
My PhD is part of iCareNet project. The iCareNet is an EU project to develop context-aware systems in the areas of healthcare, wellness, and assisted living (HWA). In the iCareNet project, ITU focuses on design and evaluation of context-aware systems deployed in hospitals with a certain interest in support for colaborative activities. My PhD targets development and evaluation of interaction technologies for wearable computers inside hospitals. The specific focus of my research is design and develop a wearable personal assistant for clinicians to support them throughout a workday in hospital. The wearable personal assistant supports multimodal interaction and context-sensitive user interface adaptation (automatic choice of device and interaction modality) based on the situation.


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