OCON: A context-awareness framework

Ubiquitous computing is an area of computer science, coined by Mark Weiser in the early nineties, it is the vision of weaving technology into the fabric of everyday life. Context-awareness is a corner- stone of ubiquitous computing, which brings situational information from the physical environment, the real world, into applications which is essential for realizing ubiquitous computers. This project presents a framework for aiding developers in making context-aware applications.

A Context-aware system is able to adapt its behavior to its surroundings. In order to act upon its environment, the system will need sensor-input. Various sources of input can be used to determine the actions of the system.

In this project we want to mainly focus on implementing a context-awareness framework, making it easy for systems to actuate on sensor events. As a proof of concept we will explore replacing the physical Scrum board, which is often a whiteboard and post-its, with an IT-solution which is not con􏰁ned to a personal computer, but has the same presence. The digital Scrum board will be context-aware to the extent that it can recognize di􏰀erent Scrum activities, like sprint meeting or one-on-one-meeting, and automatically change its graphical interface.

Read the project here: report